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June 11, 2019
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Okay, so this is in the nutrition section of a fitness website! Let’s face it, some of us may enjoy an alcohol drink no matter how much we train and stay steady with our nutrition programs. I have found that if you like coffee the way i do, black and strong, this expresso martini is the perfect receipe for a fantastic choice for a drink. Use the Vodka of your choice but the better quality, the better the drink is and it will taste!  I use Tia Maria Dark Liquer because it is alot less sweet!

What You Need:

)Shaker blender

)Shot Glass




)Dark Roast Kcup –  Or expresso shot – short pull


Fill shaker with ice and add:

1/2 shot ish  Tia Maria liquer

1  1/2 shots vodka

1 shot expresso – strong short pull

Shake the heck out of it at least 15 seconds and pour into your martini glass! Enjoy your time out! “Cheers!”


“Strategy Fitness Team”

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