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April 24, 2019
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April 26, 2019

Contaminated from “China” Organic Foods


There are several factors at play which make Chinese claims of organic unreliable. First, environmental pollution from unrestrained and unregulated industrial growth has so polluted soil and waterways with heavy toxins.

Chinese food production industry is one of the world’s least-regulated and most corrupt and has repeatedly been proven time and again. Fact… there is no trusting anything that comes from China marked “organic.” Or even non organic!

Also, there is so much fraudulent labeling and ramped corruption within manufacturing sectors that it’s not smart to trust what is put on packaging.

In addition, water used for irrigation also contains organic and inorganic substances! There has been video footage recorded of the village workers bathing in the irrigation water basins as well. Then the water feeds the crops! Oh My!  Chinese “organic” food is so contaminated that a person could get ill just by handling some of it.

Chinese farmers have said there is no available water for crops except “dirty water.” As part of the country’s industrial prowess, it is also one of the largest producers (and consumers) of fertilizers.  Many Chinese farmers won’t even eat the food they produce.

Experts at the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning state that “There are times when water is so polluted it turns black” However, it is still used to irrigate crops, so naturally  it affects so-called organic farming operations as well.


Be smart about what goes into your body. A modest smaller chicken breast on your plate (from a source you trust) is much wiser and Nutrition and Fitness go…. Hand in Hand!


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