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The Good The Bad and the Ugly


Today the hunt for REAL unprocessed unmodified non GMO is getting trickier. Why? Because the regulations run on a fine line. A few percent can mean they say it’s healthy and good nutrition and the other percent say NO!  Only featured 2 products here but let me just say, marketing by a brand name can do alot for sales! READ your ingredients! We all know how to read.

Seeds Of Change Rice
Scores 20%

Every one of their products contains the marketing tactic first ingredient “good” Oils such as safflower or sunflower but then the list of additives continues. {Soy Lecithin} A by- product of soy processing! Lecithin is used by manufacturers in their products! It’s generally used as an emulsifier, or lubricant, when added to food, but also has uses as an antioxidant and flavor protector.

Soy oil is extracted from the raw soybeans using a chemical solvent (usually hexane). Then, the crude soy oil goes through a ‘degumming’ process, wherein water is mixed thoroughly with the soy oil until the lecithin becomes hydrated and separates from the oil.

Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Soy Lecithin, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum



Lundberg Family Farms Rice
Scores 100% perfect

Lundberg products are pure and wholesome with no other additives. Vacuumed sealed and the only thing going into your skillet is their beautiful rice! You add the sunflower oil or salt and not the lecithin from soy waste!



Organic White Jasmine Rice


Organic White Jasmine Rice, Organic Red Jasmine Rice



ON THE SIDE – This is how the EU feels about lecithin! It is a modified product. It is in foods that claim NON GMO! What do you think about that? Your  shopping will change drastically if you start looking for products without soy lecithin in them. IN FACT, even your salad dressing will be down to ONE choice. (EVO mixed with cider vinegar) AT home in your kitchen.


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