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January 28, 2022
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10 Tips For Winter Workouts Outdoors 
February 5, 2022

10 Outdoor Winter Workout Idea’s  

Winter tends to bring cold weather with it no matter what part of the country you are located in. So, when the weather outside turns cold and you want to burn some calories without going to the gym here are 10 great ideas’ instead of curling up inside and hibernating until warmer temps return. So, when the mercury’s dropped below freezing, chin up and hit the outdoors. We’ve collected 10 ideas you can do to enjoy the outdoors, keep fit, and enjoy the weather wherever you may be.  

Of course, you can always continue working out at the gym, we’ve written several posts on that, but don’t let the colder weather keep you from the outdoors entirely. The winter months (and snowy days in particular) provide us with all types of outdoor activities that help us burn a ton of calories, enjoy the fresh air and have fun while we do it. Here are 10 of them placed in order of effort and possible calories burned. So, bundle up, and let’s go! 


1. Walking the dog: Winter is not only sedentary to people it also affects our pets. Walking is a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints, and even though we think we walk a lot during the day it’s intermittent and casually slow. Taking your dog on a long, brisk walk benefits you and your furry friend. Don’t forget though not only to dress yourself properly, but make sure the other part of the team is ready to hit the icy weather as well. You can burn between 200 and 470 calories every hour.

Hiking With Dog

Hiking with your dog is a great way to get out.

2. Raking leaves or Shoveling Snow: It may not seem like the most exciting way to get a workout in but keeping in mind extended movements burns calories. Clearing the walkways of snow or your roof, or in slightly more climate whether raking up those leaves keeps you moving. You can burn between 250 and 400 calories. 

3. Splitting Wood and Stacking Wood: Let’s think of making this boring chore something to work into our fitness routine. Remember Rocky 4? If you need wood for your fireplace, consider chopping it yourself because it’s a killer core workout. It’s great for a full-body workout. But be careful, chopping wood can make for a painful mistake. You can burn 400 to 500 calories in an hour.  

4. Snowshoeing: If you have never snowshoed then you’re in for a surprise. Snowshoeing is a killer workout especially in deep snow and no path. Snowshoe’s slip over your own boots and simply walk like you would normally. Think about getting some Ski Poles to help you sturdy yourself and make it a little easier to get along. It’s one of the less expensive winter sports. You can burn 400 to 600 calories an hour. 

5. Cross-country (Nordic) skiing: You’d be hard-pressed to find a full-body winter workout better than cross-country skiing. The pushing and pulling motions create the ultimate lower- and upper-body exercise, burning between 500 and 700 calories an hour. You might even get inspired to start planning your visit to Northern Europe in the process. 

6. Ice-skating: When it comes to workouts on ice, ice-skating is surprisingly better than playing a game of hockey. Not only can you get out there and spin and twirl to your heart’s desire while channeling your best Michelle Kwan. You could burn 500 to 700 calories an hour. Running: Whether you’re an avid runner or just beginning, there’s no reason not to continue your regimen during the colder months. Plan your route in advance, prepare for weather changes, and be sure it’s safe from obstacles (ice) along the way. Most importantly, dress for the cold weather: Wear layers, wicking fabrics, a hat, gloves, and an outer layer such as a Windbreaker. Expect to burn 600 to 1,200 calories an hour. 

Ice Hokey

Ice Hockey is a great way to burn calories

7. Playing hockey: If you live in an area cold enough to have an outdoor ice rink or even warm weather climates have them now, take advantage of it. A simple game of ice hockey will burn tons of calories and because it’s a team sport, you can mix in some fun and laughter. (Don’t forget your helmet! You can expect to burn 400 and 600 calories 

8. Downhill skiing and Snowboarding: Don’t think you burn calories downhill skiing or snowboarding? Think again. These winter sports aren’t just extremely popular, they’re also great exercise, while you shred the slopes for fun. You can burn 300 to 450 calories an hour. 

9. Hiking: If you’ve never hiked a snow-covered trail, you just don’t know what you’re missing. If you hike a mountain, the views at the summit could be the most magical sight you’ll ever see. Whether you take a brisk hike or a more challenging trip to the top outdoor winter hiking can be one of the higher calories burning exercises for winter. Let’s face it, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors as well as getting a vigorous workout at the same time. Depending on several factors you can burn anywhere from 400 to 650 calories an hour. 

10. Go to the Beach: It may not be quite as fun as swimming there in the summertime, but the beach is still worth a visit during winter! Jog along the shore, fly a kite along the shoreline, climb rocks or dunes, explore tide pools, check out a lighthouse, watch the waves, or go rock/shell hunting. The beach has an abundance of activities for all ages, and more than one place can provide and this is why the beach makes our list of outdoor winter activities! FYI – The beach is coastal, cold, and frosty even in Florida, so you’ll still want to dress up tight.

So there Ya go, 10 top tips for braving the winter weather. The best part of all these tips, are that you can mix and match them depending on time and location. You can take a hike one day, jog another, and skate even another day.  

If you’re in warmer climates where there’s no snow Many of these activities still apply. Cold weather is not a northeast-only event. Bundle up and have fun! Look for our 10 Tips For Winter Workouts Outdoors coming soon.  There we’ll talk more about outdoor workout saftey. 

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