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April 5, 2019
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April 24, 2019

I have to say of all the cardio machines in the gym, the StairMill has become my go-to as of recent. This is not due to choice, nor my love of self-inflicted torture but due to back injuries that have not allowed me to be the runner I once was. I hope to add some value here to speak to fitness and injuries as well as other challenges we face trying hard to stay in shape. Whether its age, injuries, handicaps, weight, time, or motivation things tend to slow us up or keep us from the gym. My goal, whether through personal struggles or those of others, is to try and motivate everyone to consider how fitness can improve our lifestyle and health. It may be challenging, but if you can overcome the day to day struggles of adding fitness to your lifestyle, I can guaranty 100% money back return, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

So, why the StepMill? The stepmill has provided me with an opportunity to challenge my daily routine via stepping floors and watching my improvement. Just starting out again, it was difficult to go 5 minutes at level 4, hitting only 25 floors. Actually, I was out of breath and felt really discouraged when I started the stepmill again. By weeks end though, I was up to 50 floors, still level 4, but occasionally level 5. The sweat was still pouring off me, soaked to be exact but it was wonderful to know I found a cardio routine that didn’t create more back issues.

On my 4th week, I was hitting 225 floors, level 5 – 7 intervals, for 22 minutes. The overall goal was to hit 30 minutes, and I think that is optimum for the stepmill. My best way to get through the minutes as you sweat your buttocks to death. Nonstop music, for me anyway. I usually get a long set on youtube, have the video playing and just go to town, Step by Step.

As I said in the beginning, I was a long distant runner, but due to herniated disk and eventually, the wear and tear finally causing compression I was grounded for 5 months from exercise. Finding ways to keep fit, and still not grind your body down as you get older get challenging but not impossible.

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