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December 1, 2020
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Lifestyle Habits last a lifetime

Building Lifestyle Habits that Last a Lifetime, There’s Never a Better Time To Start

For many of us, thinking about the start of a new year brings the opportunity to make lifestyle changes and make changes that can benefit our future. Whether it’s eating better, exercising more, quitting smoking, or reducing stress many of the goals we hope to achieve are really just waiting for us to begin. But while the New Year brings renewed motivation, this is often short-lived. Achieving long-term success requires planning, commitment, and action. But is it really all that hard?

So here are 6 tips to help you to achieve success in your New Year’s 2021 Goals:

  • Set realistic and achievable goals– make your goals challenging but not impossible. Remember were building a lifestyle and all foundations take time to complete.
  • Turn your goals into a plan of action– write a list of the steps you need to take to reach your goal and give them a deadline for action. Start with how much time you’re realistically going to put into this.
  • Consider tools like fitness trackers,web-based apps that allow you to set and track multiple goals, create tasks and reminders, view your progress with charts and reports and even invite others to support and keep you motivated.
  • Create your plan of action immediately– take advantage of the increased motivation that comes with the start of the New Year and get started on your plans now!
  • Have a compelling reason to change– this will provide you with the motivation to get started and to keep going when things get tough! Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle, just improve your health?
  • Get organized– work out what you need to do to change. This could be stocking your cupboards with healthy foods, finding a personal trainer, or talking to your doctor about quitting smoking, engaging a life coach?

Consider thinking through the entire year, not just New Year’s Day – Nothing big gets accomplished in one day and when you decide to set a goal, think of the end goal in your plans. Resolutions are set in one day, but accomplished with many small steps that happen throughout the year. New Year’s resolutions are just a starting point and you may need to re-evaluate your plan as the year goes on, but don’t get discouraged. It’s only you that you need to make happy.

Seek support – tell others about your goals and get their support. Can they be your exercise partner or just keep you accountable for your ongoing challenge? Reward yourself for your achievements – planning a reward for achieving your goals is a great way to keep you motivated. Remain flexible – expect that your plan can and will change. Often life throws unexpected things at us, and flexibility is frequently required to achieve your overall goal. Sometimes the goal itself will even change. Take the time to re-evaluate your plan and overall goal throughout the year.

So you may ask how do I set a goal in 2021.

  • Ask yourself what’s important to me right now? This could be a fitness or lifestyle goal or a financial goal.
  • Consider what you have time to do and set goals that you can complete.
  • Goals are life events, once achieve one you can move on to another.
  • Don’t follow other’s goals, create your own personal reform. Others aren’t you and you aren’t them, it’s hard living up to someone else’s goals sometimes.

Finally, remind yourself that some days won’t be perfect, maybe even several days, so don’t give up. Remember though, some of the most productive workouts happen when we most don’t feel like doing anything those days. It’s also all about consistency and trying to do something on your scheduled days. You own your goals and taking them each day and check off even the smallest accomplishment you may just build a lifestyle habit that becomes, well part of your daily habit just naturally.

If you think you could use some help in defining your own personal goals or even want to know how we at the Morris compound manage our lifestyle changes, feel free to drop me an email. Fitness coaching is all about setting programs and sometimes having that person to drop a confidence-building call, text, or email.

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