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Balance Requires Patience

Balance Requires Patience

What is Balance Lifestyle and Why is it Important?

A balanced lifestyle is represented by how we take the 4 basic elements, maybe 5 elements depending on how we live, and believe in the different elements of our life are able to apply the right amount and proportion. Adopting a balanced lifestyle is of significantly important because it has immediate and long-term effects on our health and well-being, called balance.

My own personal quote to get the article started, “Stu Morris; Lifestyle means something different to everyone. A new fancy car in the garage, a PX5 on the coffee table, or jumping into the latest trends to be part of the crowd. For me, lifestyle means not focussing on a singular objective to make me happy, but making an effort on the 4 principles of life, #mind, #body, #soul, #finances. When we can’t balance these four principles, well, we just don’t have balance. So many people just focus on one or the other because let’s face it, it’s easy to just be incomplete, take the easy road. Make Excuses, So focus on what you’re complete in, then make an effort to work in other areas you need to visibly improve. This is lifestyle change. So, easy for me is Body. It’s my #mantra. Working out is 2nd nature now. But I probably need to improve in the other areas mentioned above. Let’s go into 2022 together and encourage each other to be complete. Think about what you can change, and change for good. When we share knowledge we share change. Change is a Process, Not an Event! Think About It”.

What is a balanced lifestyle and why is it important?

Our lifestyle is the how, of the way we live. It is composed of a variety of elements and habits: what we eat, what we drink, our level of exercise, how well we sleep, how well we manage stress and adapt to stressful situations, our behavior and how we interact with people, not forgetting our sense of belonging and purpose in life. It is also affected by how we think and how we see life in general; by our attitude and the choices, we make when confronted with the vicissitudes of life.

A balanced lifestyle is the way in which we live and reflects that the different elements of our life are in the right amount and proportion. Adopting a balanced lifestyle is of primordial importance because it has immediate and long-term effects on our health and well-being. This is confirmed by many recent studies, which clearly show that conditions such as heart diseases, stroke, cancer, diabetes, as well as many other chronic diseases may be preventable and even reversible by changing our diet and adopting new attitudes and lifestyles.

A balanced lifestyle will have positive effects on our longevity as well. Adopting and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is our own responsibility. By maintaining a balanced lifestyle, we are increasing our chances of living a significantly longer, better, and happier life.

These elements are all interrelated. We can say that we enjoy a truly balanced lifestyle when we are balanced with respect to all four components. Failure to consider how these interplay with each other in any one of these affects all the others. The good news is that improvement in one element will also have a positive effect on all the others.

Take a look at each of these four elements. Do you feel out of balance in any of these areas?  Where do you think you should bring changes into your life? What quality of life do you want? You are in charge of your own health and well-being, and only you can make the required changes to your life.

Let’s review those elements one by one and let’s see what their individual effects are on our lives and how we can improve them.

Balance Requires Patience

Balance Requires Patience

#The Mind

The relationship between mind and body has been studied for centuries, and scientific observations to understand this fascinating link that exists between our mind and our bodily functions shows how close the two interlink. Studies show how our mental state can affect our overall health, interfere with our immune system, lead to the development of chronic diseases, or influence our longevity. Once you understand the negative effects our psyche has on our overall health, we can then work on change.


Negativity and stress create emotional imbalance and play an important role in manifesting many illnesses. Stress has a direct effect on bodily functions. Negative emotions also have indirect effects, often leading people to smoking, developing bad eating habits, drinking too much, overworking, feeling irritable, etc. Managing the mind, and our own feelings means learning how to identify the effects of our own emotions on our body and health. There’s no easy trick to finding self solutions, but learning to know how you feel and starting to recognize the need to get in a better place in those times will go along way to a more healthier lifestyle.

#The Body


One of the more attainable elements is the physical element, easy for me to say, you say. Physical activity and fitness, appropriate periods of rest and sleep, and good nutrition are all aspects of life we can control and make efforts to improve without much effort. Weight control, and transforming bad habits such as smoking into healthier habits are all elements of the foundation upon which our physical well-being is built.

Long Term Physical Goals

Have you ever thought there is a cycle where you’re starting out in life and hit a peak and then start back downhill? You view this curve as a significant drop after a certain age. Well, when we look at the physical part of the elements, we may possibly ask do those elements really affect me and how can I easily improve each of them?

The Life Cycle

The Life Cycle as we Age

Consider as we age, that point between maturity and decline doesn’t have to be so drastic. If we take the steps to improve our physical through exercise and diet we can actually flatten the curves providing a standard of life with fewer hurdles in our daily living.

#The Finaces


This is one of those life elements you either get or you don’t. It seems many of us, like health, have overlooked the long-term consequences of a reckless financial behavior. Finances continue to be a source of ongoing tension and stress in people’s lives. For this reason, it maintains an important element of a balanced lifestyle. Finance has an important impact on other elements of your lifestyle, as it often is the central factor when the time comes to make significant decisions such as:

  • Expendable income
  • Your residence, where you live
  • The type of work you do, where you work, how many hours you work
  • How you can afford to spend your time
  • How much quality time you can afford to spend with your family
  • What type of leisure time you have
  • How much you can afford to give
  • What you drive

and so many more aspects of our lives we could list.

In addition, a vast majority of people do have concerns and worries about their future and financial security, which become the source of much stress. That stress, in return, will have negative effects on your health and well-being. Getting finances right, just go along way to longer healthier living.

#The Soul


One of the harder parts of speaking to the “Life Elements” is the spiritual perspective.  Many don’t realize a spiritual perspective gives a sense of belonging and purpose in life. One may experience success, health, and wisdom, in many aspects of their life, but without a sense of belonging and purpose, they will often continue to feel unsatisfied, searching for something they don’t know how to obtain. Deep inside, they feel that something of importance is still missing but often can’t figure out what it is exactly. The truth is that the answers are right there inside of you and each of us can get that inner peace, that rounds out the balanced life.

Each of us has our own ability to find inner peace through knowing that our lives have a purpose beyond just the physical and that just maybe the truth lies just a little beneath our constant worryness of finances and health, and struggles. Spiritual, brings the final balance to be introspective and mindful, unlike the other more secular elements.

To Conclude 

We are the masters of our own health and well-being. and though we can’t control everything in life, balance is the key. We are ultimately responsible for our health and well-being.

What quality of life do you choose? What can you change? There are easy to read articles that provide easy-to-follow advice and tools but to become the master of your own health and well-being,  understanding of the basic aspects of a balanced and healthy lifestyle will help you make it more personal to you.

Stuart Morris
Stuart Morris
Stuart Morris is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Fanatic helping people reach their goals. Gym or Home Stu Morris can help you get fit and stay healthy, making changes and building lifestyles that last.

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